Monday, December 30, 2013

Memes sometime cut to the heart of an issue.

Ergun Caner opened himself to his Twitter followers last night and received a bit more negative feedback than he expected.

Keep in mind, Ergun is SUING an SBC pastor for copyright violation over these videos he now claims were faked.  It seems Ergun's plan has been to get rid of the evidence and then claim it was all faked. Now, I've posted on this before, but head over there and note how many of those videos have been deleted or have gone dark.

Also, take a look at these videos, these are audio recordings of some of the same videos that have been deleted.

It seems that these memes however really cut to the heart of the issue:

It's amazing that there are people out there still uneducated about this guy and willing to stand up for him even though he's made a mockery of the Gospel and lied to our country's own servicemen following 9/11/2001.  

That didn't take long! 

For those who are still wondering what this is all about, go here and watch Dr. James White explain.

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