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Ergun Caner - The Video Evidence

I've provided links to the Vimeo files where you can watch Ergun Caner's various testimonies over the years.  These are not the originals in most cases, he's DMCA'd most of those, so I'm providing time-stamps as to when you can hear the various claims. You can download these from Vimeo, and I recommend you do, as it is only a matter of time before Caner has these DMCA'd also. 

Since 2010, Ergun has radically altered his testimony from his post-9/11 version.  He now admits to having been born in Sweden, but still intimates that he was a Islamist. One must wonder how much of an Islamist a pre-9/11 Turkish-Swedish child can be, being raised Ohio and attending American public schools.

Ergun's Testimony
Claims to be raised in Istanbul, Turkey - 1:56
Truth: Was actually born in Sweden and moved to the US in 1969 at the age of 3. Ergun's mother is Swedish. He never lived in Turkey.

Claims to have come to America "with his brothers" (they were born in the US) - 2:00
Truth: His brothers were born in the US.

Claims his wife's father is from "Possum Kill, North Carolina". - 3:14
Truth: No such place exists.

Says he was a "towel head" when he went to date his wife. - 3:23
Truth: The use of the derogatory term not-withstanding, Ergun was a Christian at the age of 14, he wasn't a Muslim when he met his wife.

Claims his name is Ergun Mehmet Jahner. - 3:30
Truth: All official documents show his name to be Ergun Michael Caner.

The Many Names of Ergun Caner

Claims his name is actually Ergun Mikel Mehemet Giovanni Jahner. - 00:15
Truth:All official documents show his name to be Ergun Michael Caner.

Claims he was in the "Islamic Youth Jihad" until the age of 15. - 00:27
Truth: Lived in America from the age of 3, became a Christian at 14.

Claimed to train in Jihad. - 00:37
When? At age 2?

Claims to have been born in Stockholm, Sweden - 00:53
Yes! Caner was born in Sweden... or was it Turkey?

Claims to speak Arabic - 1:15
Caner speaks gibberish, no Arabic or Turkish speaker knows what he is saying. Maybe he's speaking in tongues.

Claims to have warn Islamic garb to church and school. - 1:33
Truth: All existing photos of Ergun Caner, including yearbook photos, class photos, and church photos, show him wearing western garb. Remember, he came to the US when he was 3 years old.

Claims to speak a different language and have poor english - 1:50
Truth: Caner came to the US when he was 3 years old... why would his english be broken, and where would he have learned Arabic or Turkish?

Uses the words "towel-head" and "sand-n*gger" in a sermon - 2:08
Why would anyone call someone who has lived in the US since they were 3 anything?

Claims his english was poor - 2:24
He moved to the US and attended US schools from the age of 3.

Claims to have been in jihad - 2:38
When? At age 2?
Ergun Lies to US Marines

Claims to have engaged in multiple debates - 2:14
Truth: No record of these debates can be found.

Claims to have come to the US when he was 14 - 3:00
Truth: Was born in Sweden and moved to the US when he was 3 years old.

Claims to have watched American TV in Turkey - 3:25
Truth: Never lived in Turkey. Turkey doesn't show much US TV shows.

Claims to have watched "Dukes of Hazard" in Turkey - 3:58
Truth: Dukes of Hazard first broadcast in 1979, Ergun was 13 and had been living in the US for 10 years.

Ergun Speaking on Jihad (MP3) at Southern Baptist Seminary, with Al Mohler and Russell D. Moore

3:54 - Claims he had been a Muslim for 20 years.
Truth: Came to faith when he was 14.

3:37 - Claims his father was a Hadithic scholar.
Truth: His father was a Muslim, but there is no evidence he was a scholar (which is an official title in Islam).

4:25 - Claims everywhere he lived prior to coming to America was Islamic majority.
Truth: Sweden does not have an Islamic majority.

9:18 - Claims to have engaged in 41 debates.
Truth: No record of such debates can be found and none of the people he claimed to have debated acknowledges said debate.

9:26 - Claims to have debated an Imam at University of North Texas and getting hammered (with questions).
Truth: No record of such a debate exists.

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