Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ergun Caner strikes back

Ergun Caner has been attempting for many years to scrub his record of purposeful exaggeration and outright lies. Before being fired by Liberty University, he hired a reputation-cleansing company that created several spammy blogs and commented on others the same engrish mis-spelled posts.

He has recently taken to having a local lawyer and Facebook pal issue DMCA take-downs of videos of his sermons/testimonies as well as those containing (under fair-use) clips of his videos.

The above video is property of the US Government and was publically distributed. It contains Ergun Caner making several false claims about his life to US Marines destined to fight in the Middle East.

A few Christian bloggers took to posting the actual video files on their own personal servers. Ergun in turn, today, filed lawsuits against them.

Keep in mind, most of these videos were not the property of, nor recorded by Ergun Caner. Their copyright belongs to those who recorded them. This blatant misuse of the DMCA and the suing of Christian brothers should clear up anyone's doubts about Caner's reputation.

Please share this post and/or the link to the case so that the evangelical world will see Caner for what he is.

Dr. Ergun M. Caner v. Jonathan Autry et al

RFC Case Number:C-D13-494J
Court Case Number:4:13-cv-00494-Y
File Date:Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Plaintiff:Dr. Ergun M. Caner
Plaintiff Counsel:David C. Gibbs of Gibbs Law Firm PA
Defendant:Jonathan Autry
Jason Smathers
Cause:17:501 Copyright Infringement
Court:Texas Northern District Court
Judge:Judge Terry R. Means
Date#Docket Text
6/18/20133Report to Copyright Office of Initiating Document. Form AO 121 e-mailed to (mdf) (Entered: 06/18/2013)
6/18/20132New Case Notes: A filing fee has been paid. File to Judge Means. Pursuant to Misc. Order 6, Plaintiff is provided the Notice of Right to Consent to Proceed Before A U.S. Magistrate Judge. Clerk to provide copy to plaintiff if not received electronically. (mdf) (Entered: 06/18/2013)
6/18/20131COMPLAINT against Jonathan Autry, Jason Smathers filed by Ergun M. Caner. (Filer fee note- Clerk to add prior fee payment info here.) Clerk to issue summons(es). In each Notice of Electronic Filing, the judge assignment is indicated, and a link to the Judges Copy Requirements is provided. The court reminds the filer that any required copy of this and future documents must be delivered to the judge, in the manner prescribed, within three business days of filing. Unless exempted, attorneys who are not admitted to practice in the Northern District of Texas should seek admission promptly. Forms, instructions, and exemption information may be found at, or by clicking here: Attorney Information - Bar Membership (Attachments: # 1 Additional Page(s) Certificate of Interested Persons, # 2 Additional Page(s) Notice to the Court) (Gibbs, David) (Entered: 06/18/2013)
6/18/2013CERTIFICATE OF INTERESTED PERSONS/DISCLOSURE STATEMENT by Ergun M. Caner. (See 1 Complaint for image.) (mdf) (Entered: 06/18/2013)

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  1. So how come if Caner is so worried about this video, he isn't suing the Marine Corps for distributing it under FOIA?