Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Peter Lumpkins rushes to Caner's aid with a hit piece!

Good ol' Lumpy, you can always expect him to come to the aid of the unrepentant liar, Ergun Caner, but this most recent blog post is over-the-top in smarminess.  Not only does Lumpkins' again defend the undefendable, but he takes shots at Jason Smathers, a fellow who is hosting the legally obtained videos Ergun Caner so eagerly wants purged from the Internet.

Jason Smathers was convicted of providing email addresses to an online casino in 2005, he served his time and was released, later coming to Christ.  You can read Smathers' testimony here.

The difference, clearly lost on the likes of Lumpkins, is that Smathers repented of, and admits to, his past unrighteousness, whereas Ergun Caner continues to deny that he purposely padded his testimony after 9/11/2001.

So while Ergun Caner now seeks to purge all references to his testimony including those he has no right to, even going so far as to sue innocent Christians who host the videos, Lumpkins would rather castigate these other believers than call Caner to repentance.

Well, I've not come to expect anything less from Peter. Pray for repentance, for Lumpkins and for Ergun Caner.

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