Wednesday, September 10, 2014


There are few people as deluded and/or dishonest as the supporters of Ergun Caner. They will twist what you say, ignoring context just to score some points. They're not scoring them with the Lord Jesus, of course, as such dishonesty is evidence that they do not know him nor love him.

Seeing the claims of 'bullying' coming even from the likes of Emir Caner, who either has never been bullied, or simply is wishing to believe the lie, is astounding.  The fact that Emir himself states that "cyber-bullying may have been the cause" is beyond sinful speculation. These people have no shame.

Braxton Caner was a typical teen who had rougher exchanges, using foul language and images, with his own peers than he did with Jordan Hall.  Braxton's social profile was (and still is, you can look up his various profiles yourself) riddled with profanity, sexual innuendo and photos of he and his girlfriend in various states of romantic physical contact, even in a bathroom.

The fact that the some in the SBC have swept all that (and the fact that it was nearly a month prior) under the rug in order to villanize Hall, and Calvinists in general, is just more evidence of the utterly sinful mindset of these people.

What makes more sense, that Braxton Caner was so distraught over a few tweets followed by an apology that he took his own life nearly a month after the fact, or due the ongoing strife in his life because of the revelations that his father's entire testimony was fabricated?  Where was his father during this difficult time but many states away, and clearly not monitoring his own son's social profiles (or maybe his behavior is typical for the sons of seminary presidents.) Perhaps Braxton was facing yet another move and broken relationships because of his father's lifestyle... the fact is we don't know.  But we can be quite sure that a few tweets by Jordan Hall, followed by an apology, hardly amounts to "cyberbullying".

Regardless, Ergun Caner remains an unrepentant liar, who even lied to the US Marine Corps, and who continues to lie to gain positions of authority in Christian communities and schools around the country.  Instead of reflecting on his decades of lies in the light of his son's death, instead of falling before the Almighty God in repentance, he and his cronies attempt to lay the blame at anyone other than where it belongs.

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