Wednesday, September 10, 2014

An Open Letter to Todd Starnes

Since you banned me from posting on your Facebook page, apparently unhappy that I dared challenge your claims. I've decided to voice my opinion here, where I control the content.

Ergun Caner's an unrepentant liar. Your standing up for him only casts doubt on your own legitimacy. The fact that you would state: "We do not know what led young Braxton to do the unthinkable", and yet then speculate on it is despicable.

Caner's son's death is a tragedy, and while we should all pray for his family and friends, it is important to note that five tweets nearly a month prior have less to do with it than his own father's web of lies.

You write: "They wrote terrible things about the 15-year-old - beyond the pale." What exactly was "beyond the pale"?  Can you quote it exactly for me, sir?   Please take into account all the other tweets the boy received and sent to and from his own friends. Include the four-letter bashing, sex talk and other assorted chatting that went on.

While the tweets in question may have been in bad taste, it's evident from his own account that it was forgiven and forgotten. Yet YOU are bringing it up now, even though you state: "We do not know what led young Braxton to do the unthinkable." You are here speculating, and that, sir, is indefensible.

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