Saturday, April 10, 2010

Camera Express - 757 Beach St., San Francisco - Fraud

I entered the business of "Camera Express", 757 Beach St., San Francisco, CA approx 1:30pm on 4/10/2010 to examine their products available for purchase. I selected to purchase a generic polarizer for my camera. This item was marked $29.95. Upon taking my purchase to the counter I handed the clerk my atm/bank card and he immediately ran the card for $200

I disputed the purchase immediately, did not sign the sales slip, they then claimed that the item was an "HD Polarizer", and showed me the box, another generic polarizer which now had a price tag of $369 (it was switched behind the counter), though it remained a generic off-brand product. I demanded a refund and the clerk provided me a receipt stating -200 to my card, but also on the receipt it states "VOID". Upon contacting my bank, they informed me that the purchase had gone through but no correction had been made. Upon entering the store to demand a refund, they became hostile and demanded I leave. I argued with them strongly and was very unhappy as $200 was held from my account for this fraudulent item.

Hopefully the law enforcement agencies I contacted will stop these guys from hurting others.

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