Friday, April 16, 2010

Peter Lumpkins, Liar, Lawbreaker....

Years ago, when redesigning the Alpha & Omega Minsitries website, I created some images for them to use on their podcasts and the like.

SBC cad, Peter Lumpkins, nabbed one of the images for his anti-James-White screed site.

I politely asked him to remove it on his blog:
Mr Lumpkins, the image you are using on the "James White On" blog is copyrighted. I know this because I created it. Please stop using it. Thanks.

He replied with:

Mr. Burke,

I'd appreciate it if you'd have the courtesy to use my email address I supply on my site for any further complaints you may find there.

As for the image being copyright, could you supply me with some proof concerning the copyright?  I get lots of comments from trolls who claim all sorts of things.

In addition, could you explain how my use of the image you claim is "copyright" is not being used within "fair use" copyright law?

Had I known it was "copyright" I surely would not have used it, obviously.  And, I'm quite sure if it *is* copyright, you probably would not allow usage so there is no use to ask if, in fact, you have "copyright" the image.

With that, I am...
True to form, Mr Lumpkins doesn't want the public to witness any interaction with others, that way he is able to hide his snide remarks and flat out denial of responsibility to Romans 13.

I replied:

ALL images on the Alpha & Omega website are copyrighted.  Hence the © 2010 - Alpha & Omega Ministries notification at the bottom of every page.

Fair use does not mean you can grab any image off of any site and use it for any purpose. The image, the logo etc. were created for the marketing purposes of Alpha & Omega ministries. 

There are plenty of public domain images of Dr. White you can play with. Please don't use the ones I've created.

Micah Burke

He also sent the following:
Mr. Burke,

Though I'm not convinced any action on my part is presently obligated, I sufficiently covered enough of the image to ensure I am within "fair use" of your alleged copyright.  When I have more time I will get rid of the image altogether.

With that, I am...

Both Peter Lumpkins and Ergun Caner represent all that is wrong with the SBC. Both lie to better their position (either in job or argument) and when confronted both deny the lie. Both present a castrated gospel that makes the work of Christ out to be the problem rather than the solution. Both have so compromised their own witness so as to undermine anything they say or preach. Truly these are men of whom can be said "the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you."

I recommend that readers spend a few minutes at Peter's site getting acquainted with his form of sarcasm and winkingly-spoken smarmy comments. My reply to him was clear:

Remove the image. Again, ~I~ am the creator of the image, ~I~ hold the copyright on the image. There is no "alleged" here, it's a simple legal fact. But, true to form, you've added law breaking to lying. Repent.

Micah Burke

I did in fact make the images for A&O but they're a non-profit. They would hold the copyright, but I still have the original files and regardless of whether they want to claim copyright, I will. Mr. Lumpkins can use Dr. White's media photos all he wants, but he can leave my images alone.

Micah Burke


  1. Get ready for the volcano about to erupt. Pressing Mr. Lumpkins has a way of causing verbose spewing and skewering rivaling that of the 1980 Mt. Saint Helen's eruption



  2. Good for you! It's a pity that scumbags like this call themselves Christians...

  3. Mr. Lumpkins has two blogs from which he can reply with his pseduo-intellectual sarcasm-laced drivel. My point was to reveal Lumpkins for the hypocritical cad that he is. While decrying Dr. White's posting of material related to Ergun Caner's many "exaggerations", Lumpkins has no qualm with going on the offensive, even, like Caner, going so far as to lie in so doing. I pray that God bring both men to repentance and keep us all from following in their steps.