Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brewton-Parker Hires Peter Lumpkins as VP of Communication

It would be funny... if it wasn't so sad.


  1. Please tell me this is a joke.....some kind of a sick, twisted, disgusting joke?

    Is this really the state that the SBC is in these days? These two clowns don't belong as little league coaches, let alone in supposed institutions of higher education.

  2. Outstanding choice. Not a better qualified guy in SBC life for this position. Holds true whether Calvin's offspring think he's actually "regenerate" or not.

    1. You're out of your mind. Lumpkins is no friend of Christ and isn't qualified to hold a dip stick.

  3. The really surreal situation is Ergun Caner. I believe it's a hair-on-fire case of apostasy, no less an act of apostasy than it would be if BPC had hired an unrepentant homosexual as president.
    For more information, see: