Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Problem Adobe Bridge 64 bit or 32 bit and Wacom Intuos tablets

I've recently started using the Wacom Intuos 5 tablet both at work and at home. I've enjoyed the experience for the most part, except for this one problem with Adobe Bridge.  I use the 64 bit version, but even in 32 bit the problem was apparent.  This problem appears in both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The Problem
After launching Bridge, attempting to select an image seems to lock the application.  You cannot select, double click, anything.  If you enable your mouse, the cursor becomes active and acts as if you had held down the mouse button and were dragging over objects.

The Solution
After much searching I finally came across this link on Wacom's support site. It seems that if you have Windows Sticky Notes open, as I did on both machines, the Wacom tablet doesn't work as it should.  I didn't realize that Sticky Notes allowed for pen input on the notes, which I discovered attempting to edit text on them.

Shutting down Sticky Notes does indeed fix the Wacom issue.  The real question is why Bridge cares if Sticky Notes is open.



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