Friday, April 12, 2013

Lumpkins: Over the Top

Decided to get my daily dose of insanity today, only to find Kim Jong Un levels at Peter Lumpkins' site. Really, James White = Fred Phelps (the godhatesfags guy)?  Since there's a lot of terrible Arminians out there, can we make the same kind of connection with Peter? Oh, wait, we don't have to, Peter is the archetype.

UPDATE: James White has offered to have Lumpkins on the Dividing Line with uninterrupted time. He  noted that Lumpkins' intent in comparing himself to Fred Phelps is to show that White's noting that Harwood's views were Pelagian is akin to White's being related to Phelps. Now, the category error is quite clear.  Harwood actually espouses Pelagian views, White does not espouse the same views as Phelps, apart from a general subscription to the 5 pts of the Canons of Dort, but that isn't what Phelp's errors consist of.

Even I can see that! ;)

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