Thursday, October 18, 2012

Office 365 - One more rant

So I've set up the retention policies on all mailboxes using the insanity that is Windows Powershell, but it turns out that those polices only work on mailboxes over 10 megabytes.

So, if you set up a policy to delete all junk/deleted items after 30 days, it will only work if the mailbox is > 10 megs.  Of course, you can set all mailboxes to do this but you have to use the magic spell : "Manually run Start-ManageFolderAssistant –Identity cmdlet to force Managed Folder Assistant to process the specific mailbox."

Seriously, it's 2012, why am I forced to type such nonsense into a text box?!

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  1. Has some neat stuff there for helping out with this stuff.