Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peter Lumpkins Reduced to Using Fake Photos of James White

Ol' Lumpy's at it again. For all his decrying of James White's investigations of Ergun Caner's lies, Lumpy just has to attempt to ridicule that which he can never understand. He's just posted a video, illegally lifting, wholesale, White's recent Dividing Line podcast without permission to make a silly video about it where he posts pictures of people (not Dr. White) in kilts and writes on top of the photos. Seriously? You think this is a response Petey? Get some balls man and call Dr. White directly if you THINK you have something worth saying. Otherwise, go crawl back to your blog where the foul-mouth and the reptile women alone read and comment. You're a God-hater. I've said it before, and now you're proving it time and again. Repent Peter.

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