Friday, May 25, 2012

2004 Total Depravity Debate Links

Total Depravity - 2004 Debate Because of the loss of the forums at Reaching For Christ (where I used to do 99% of my posting), due to lack of time and funds of everyone involved, a lengthy debate between myself, Mark Ennis and two Church of Christ elders was lost except for at the Church of Christ website. I'm going to post the debate here, in entirety for others to read/use. I hope this is edifying for everyone.
Resolved: The scriptures teach total (hereditary) depravity

Affirming: Mark Ennis (aka MarkE) and Micah Burke

Denying: Kieran Murphy (aka Papasmurph) and Steve Kearney.

Micah's Opening Statement

Kieran's Opening Statement

Steve's Rebuttal of Micah's First Post

Mark's rebuttal of Kieran's First Post

Kieran's 1000 Word Rebuttal of Mark's Rebuttal

5 Questions for both teams

Mark & Micah's Answers

Steve & Kieran's Answers

Mark & Micah's Final Post

Steve's Final Post

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