Monday, February 14, 2011

Wow... just... wow...

Peter Lumpkins continues his campaign against James White in a recent blog post wherein he suggests that Bart Ehrman won the debate Dr. White engaged him in (over 2 years ago now), some one should tell Lumpy that old history is... old.  I still chuckle at the fact that Lumpy claimed James was "obsessed" with Ergun Caner, and yet it's Lumpkins who keeps posting about Dr. White.
That said, the real amazing thing is the ignorance show in the comments section of the post. Someone by the name of Roy makes some of the following statements:

"Mr. White believes he's an expert on everything, even when he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. One such example is his "Arabic." He made a video criticizing Caner's Arabic, but White himself has atrocious Arabic and can't even pronounce simple words, such as "Muhammad," correctly."

James White has acknowledged that he is still a student of Arabic and that his pronunciation and understanding of the language is increasing as he studies, he has not, unlike Ergun Caner, claimed to have been raised a Muslim, born in Turkey, lived in Cairo or any other numerous other untruths spoken by Caner.  When Dr. White criticized Caner it wasn't pronunciation that was in question... it was whether or not Caner was speaking Arabic, much less any human language! 

 I think we need to really start being honest about all of this, starting with not referring to James White as "Dr." White. This is a constant source of fodder among his critics, and those who look at him objectively. He IS not a Dr as he DOES NOT have an accredited doctorate.

People have been bringing this up for over a decade, not one of them is willing to deal with the facts. Do any of them question Dr. White's other degrees?  Surely if his doctorate was a fraud his BA in Bible with Greek major at Grand Canyon College was a sham and the Masters at Fuller is imaginary... right? Does "Roy" have any qualifications to judge the quality of Dr. White's Th.D?

Surely Dr. White does not ACTUALLY read and speak Hebrew, Koine Greek and now Arabic? I bet Roy thinks James' 20 books written, 100 debates with scholars such as Ehrman, Crossan, Borg, and Spong, years of teaching at Golden Gate Baptist Seminary, MCTS, are likewise imaginary.

I think what it does show is that when Mr. White is outside of his element in terms of the rules for how a debate is conducted, he has a much more difficult time prevailing or even sounding like he knows what he's talking about.

How many debates of Dr. White's has Roy watched? Has he actually seen the entire Ehrman debate, much less have a clue about textual criticism?  It's unclear from his posts, as all he does is make inflammatory statements about James White.
part of the reason you guys pulled out of the debate with Caner is because he wanted to stream it live and you couldn't sell it/make money off of it. Is the reason Mr. White does debates to further the cause of Christ, or profit from it and "prostitute" the Gospel?

Roy doesn't seem to understand what actually occurred in the Caner/White debate exchange. Of course, all of this must be remembered in the light of the revelations that Ergun Caner is a simple fraud. It seems clear now that the reason the Caners and Liberty University changed the rules of the debate at the last minute was to prevent it from occurring at all, as it would have exposed the fraud that Caner is.  At the time of the Caner debate debacle, there wasn't "live streaming", and even if there were, Dr. White would have been happy to allow it to occur, just as he's live-streamed many of his recent debates. I don't know if Roy knows this, but those who preach the Gospel are to "get their living by the gospel."  (1 Cor 9:14). As it is Dr. White lives very modestly, relying on the meager income from A&O Ministries and donations to participate in these debates and preach the Gospel in other countries.
MacArthur allows free access to all of his materials

When was the last time Roy ordered a MacArthur study Bible for FREE?

If James White does not meet the definition of hyper calvinism, I have no idea who would

It's evident that Roy doesn't know what a hyper-calvinist is other than "someone I don't like".
his vicious treatment of those who disagree with him, such as Mormons, is not the Gospel either.
Anyone who knows of Alpha and Omega Ministries' work with the Mormons would never say this, especially in comparison to the KJVO street preachers.
For instance, his recent attacks on Mormon women, making fun of their looks, is not the Gospel
Dr. White's jibe at the wives of Brigham Young has nothing to do with other Mormons. As to the truth of Dr. White's claim, I provide the evidence for you here:

Mr. White DID try to get the degree to get the respect of people from it, because he constantly berates others' education and touts his own questionable education. He even made a video making fun of Caner's Arabic skills

Again, Dr. White's criticism of Caner's Arabic "skills" was on the basis that Caner was passing off pure gibberish as "Arabic".  Caner had no skills to speak of.

It is plain from his diatribes that "Roy" is just another of Lumpy's peanut gallery of ignorant folks who defend liars and support legalists. When your most vocal supporters are people like "Roy" and Craig (Foul Mouth) Delassio, you might want to reconsider your position.

For more detail of how Peter Lumpkins and his blog pals show the love of Christ, read the comments in this thread. Might want to have a bucket nearby.

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