Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Peter Lumpkins' Pals Roll

A lazy afternoon in #prosapologian and a fellow pops in named "DrJ". (Read the comments at the link...)

* DrJ (fdsd@BAADF736.FCE2B857.BC53927B.IP) has joined #prosapologian

Clearly, this person has read/commented on Peter Lumpkins blog as they mention very specific items:

DrJ: i don't think we should stop there.  let's make fun of muslim women, too
DrJ: in fact, let's ridicule all our opponents, and claim the banner of christ in doing so

Now for the record, Dr. White never "ridiculed Mormon women", he only mentioned that the wives of Brigham young were not the most attractive females around. And if you note my previous post, you'll have to agree. The refusal of this individual to acknowledge that basic fact either shows their inability to grasp the truth or their ignorance of what was actually said in that episode of the Dividing Line.

"DrJ" is using an anonymizing system so as to protect their identity. Soon DrJ begins randomly insulting Dr.White and is kick-banned from the channel. This person then returns, with a different hostmask and username.

 * IHaveaCrackerJackBoxDoctorate (fdsd@F03DB3FA.FBE148AA.F9719F83.IP) has joined #prosapologian

At this point, it should be noted, this individual is guilty of a Federal crime. The DOJ has determined that attempting to access a protected network, or one a person has been banned from is a felony.  If this individual is a Christian, they're openly violating Romans 13. Typical modus operandi of Peter Lumpkins and thus his pals.

Again quickly banned and kicked from the network, the individual again randomizes their hostmask and joins #prosapologian. Now, keep in mind that #prosapologian is part of the Geneva IRC network, administered by Alpha & Omega Ministries, therefore this person who has been disallowed, banned and booted from the network twice now returns, blatantly disobeying Romans 13 and Federal law.
* DrFunk (fdsd@ has joined #prosapologian
We spend a little time now getting more info on the troll who is visiting, and building the channel's defenses.  During this time the person privately messages folks in the channel with more of the copy/paste from Lumpkins' blog. Finally,we put the global bans in place and all is quiet again.

It should be noted that I don't believe this to be the work of Lumpkins himself. Peter doesn't seem to have the technical know-how, nor really care to pull a stunt like this. I think he draws the line at copyright infringement. So my money's on Roy/Ray, as that individual shows the most willingness to act in an unChrist-like manner and take matters in his own hands. Regardless, for someone who has the tenacity to call Dr. White a non-believer, acting in such an unlawful manner is evidence of their own reprobation.

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