Monday, August 2, 2010

Peter Lumpkins finally makes his own video... sorta.

Lumpkins figured out that using logos others designed in his videos was illegal and would get his videos removed every time, so he went to an animation site, uploaded Dr. James White's head into it and made a video warning folks of the dangers of Dr. White and Calvinism. Looks like all but Lumpkins' most devoted followers (Craig and D. Ruth) have abandoned the nutter's musings, and this latest video should serve to drive any one who happens upon the video away from his brand of madness. I'm really glad Peter found his calling... making cartoons using pre-built cartoon generators, cause it's clear he has no talent of his own, perhaps excepting to ability to damn himself and write legalistic screeds denying what God said in Scripture.

At least this may mark a final chapter in the Lumpkins' cycle, having shown without a doubt that his defense of Ergun Caner is completely without basis and that his only response is to counter-attack through lies, stealing and general smarmy pretentiousness.  With that... he's a self-important cad.

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