Thursday, July 22, 2010

Peter Lumpkins continues his games.

Peter Lumpkins strikes yet again. In his latest post he acknowledges that his video was removed from Vimeo for copyright violation, but lays the blame with Dr. White. Of course I was the one who claimed the violation.

Peter then uploaded the video to Youtube. I guess if you're breaking the law you might as well rob a bank too? So again I filed a complaint with Youtube and the video has been removed.

I posted two comments on Mr. Lumpkins' blog noting that it was I, not James White or anyone else connected to Alpha & Omega Ministries who sought to have his videos removed.

Again, for the record, the issue is not the parody video, but the usage of graphics and logos that I created that Mr. Lumpkins does not own the rights to.  If he wants to make a parody, he's welcome to make his own logos, cartoons and graphics. He's free by law to use clips of Dr. White even. But when he uses my hard work in his pitiful smear campaign, he'll face the law.

Once more, for the record: Dr. White doesn't care one iota about Peter Lumpkins' silly self-edifying videos or blog, Dr. White had no hand whatsoever in having them removed from Vimeo or Youtube, that was my doing from start to finish. If Mr. Lumpkins wants to re-edit his videos minus the logos etc. he could easily repost them... of course claiming a conspiracy against your videos is much more self-aggrandizing.

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  1. Peter Lumpkins is a despicable man. He is mean-spirited, rude, vile, and exceedingly dishonest. I sincerely hope he does face the law because I don't think anything short of that will get his attention. He has repeatedly used Dr. White's videos, chopped them up and grossly misrepresented what Dr. White originally said in an attempt to discredit him. That is shameful behavior for a man who claims to be a Christian.

    Good for you for claiming your own property.