Thursday, October 26, 2006

Richard Dawkin's Lunch

Here's a link for a radio program from "across the pond" where you can hear a theist take Richard Dawkins to the mat. Dawkins, reknowned atheist/evolutionary biologist not only doesn't know where matter comes from, he has no interest in "free will".

Interview starts at 7:57


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    Here is a link to Richard Dawkins form yesterday's Forum show. He is brilliant and insightful. Funny, but he deals in facts and it gets some people all riled up to be asked for facts. Take a listen and see what you think. He was not at his best for the show, but still plenty good.
    ecently on Forum
    Wed, Nov 1, 2006 -- 10:00 AM
    Richard Dawkins and "The God Delusion"

    Download (MP3)
    (Windows: right-click and choose "Save Target As." Mac: hold Ctrl, click link, and choose "Save As.")

    Forum discusses religious belief and disbelief with scientist Richard Dawkins, author of "The God Delusion."
    Host: Dave Iverson
    Richard Dawkins, Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University

  4. I heard that show, and in it he repeated the same metaphysical argument... "when we look at the universe we see a universe that god wouldn't have created."

    I now realize Dawkins is a one trick pony... and not a particularly good one at that. The well-armed and educated theist could evicerate one dedicated to such a religion. Now... where to find a one of those?

  5. As far as "facts" go... Dawkins has none. He simply repeats the 'fossil record' claim, as if Stephen J. Guild's admission that the fossil record not only disproves gradualism but in fact establishes a completely different pattern never occured. Dawkins is one of the last apologists for a religion which has moved on, namely, Darwinism.

  6. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Is that how you see it? One thing though, the prior poster mentioned facts. Can you kindly give one, once is all I ask, that proves the a god exists? Many Thanks!

  7. The prior poster mentioned facts, however, neither the poster nor Dawkins has a "single fact" that "proves" evolution any more than I can provide a "single fact" that proves that the God of the Bible exists, single facts do not make for watertight arguments regardless.

    The point here is that Dawkins does not "deal in facts" but rather argues that "god wouldn't make the universe that we observe." His argument is, at is basis, metaphysical and based on a strawman concept of God which Christian theism does not teach.

    Dawkins does provide simplistic and ultimately flawed evidences for Darwinian gradualism, but they're not the substance of his argument, rather his baseless metaphysical charge forms the foundation and is ultimately the undoing of his viewpoint.

    There is also the problem of viewpoint in dealing with Christan theism. Even if God Himself were to appear in front of you in a beam of light and smack you on top of the head, you could dismiss it (and probably would) as a hallucination or dream.

    Therefore the clamor for a "single fact", on either side, is simply a red herring.

    I'm not interested, nor is it possible, in proving the existence of God to anyone, rather, my job is to consistently proclaim the message of salvation from His wrath through faith in His son. It is up to God therefore, using that proclamation, to "prove" it to you supernaturally. :)

  8. anonymous said:
    Is that how you see it? One thing though, the prior poster mentioned facts. Can you kindly give one, once is all I ask, that proves the a god exists? Many Thanks!

    How about: we exist.

  9. Anonymous12:07 AM

    At least Micha gave it a try. Calvin Dude only servers for giving a good chuckle. Thanks Micha.

    I'll go with you on a single fact. Hope about once piece of evidence? Not necessary though, as i do not want to disrupt your blog. I just came across it and it amused me. You are a good writer.

  10. CD's response points to one of the evidences of God's existence, that being our own. There's a lot of baggage in what CD's one sentence states unpacking that could be the topic of an entire blog post... book... or series thereof which I am far from qualified to write. As I pointed out, however, in a previous blog post ( No Silver Bullets), there's no single evidence nor "proof" that will sway the dedicated atheist. (Agnostics not withstanding since they cannot find their rear with a mirror and a pitchfork.)

    That said there are some excellent books out there that do explore this topic. But before I list them, I want to point out that you're still demanding evidences, something which we would continue to debate the meaning of down the road. Thus what we must first recognize is that all of us have presuppositions, worldviews, some more obvious than others, that we bring to this discussion.

    My presupposition is that God exists, and not just any god, but the God of the Bible. Intelligent design discussion goes far in providing evidences for a god, but I really don't care if there is a god but rather believe that the God revealed in Scripture is the one, true and only God. What are your presuppositions and how do they inform your worldview?

    As Greg Bahnsen wrote: "Presuppositional apologetics calls for the Christian and non-Christian to set side by side their two worldviews and do an internal examination of them both (and their respective "inner logics"). In such a comparison the evidential power of Christ's resurrection is easily set forth... Within our worldview the evidence shows that God raised Christ from the dead! (even more amazingly, He did it out of saving love for sinners like us) - and your worldview has nothing as impressive as that, but actually makes nonsense out of history and science and reasoning." Greg Bahnsen, Evidential Apologetics: the Right Way"

    To that end, and to answer your initial request, I point you to the debate between Greg Bahnsen and Gordon Stein (which might still be available here), the discussion between John Frame and Michael Martin ( here) and the general articles here.

  11. "If they will not hear Moses and the Prophets, neither will they believe if one should rise from the dead" (Luke 16:31).