Wednesday, January 12, 2005 and Ritz Camera are "two different companies"...
(and another all together!)

Ok, I realize this isn't my usual theological post, but I have to rant about my experience.

I bought a Nikon D70 from Ritz Camera in San Francisco. Now I realize that Ritz isn't called "ritz" for nothing. They were more expensive than other vendors, but I was able to get the 0% financing deal through them and my wife was thrilled at the idea. So, I'm the happy owner of the coolest digital camera around. Then, for Christmas, my dear in-laws gave me a $100(!!!) gift card for Ritz Camera.

So off I went to to find something of interest to spend my money on. After much deliberations and discussions with another camera-owning pal, I settled on a Sigma 50mm f2.8 Macro lens. After popping it into my 'shopping cart' off I went to use the card. The website wouldn't take the card. So I called their support line. Their reply: "The card doesn't work at their "online store" as it was bought in a brick and mortar store, they're "two different companies"."

Now, keep in mind that has a "Store Locator" that directs you to the nearest Ritz Camera brick and mortar store. For "two different companies" they sure are friendly toward each other. Needless to say I was unable to get them to take my card, I did express my displeasure on the phone and in an email to their corporate site. I'll have to find a nearby superstore and spend my card there (including taxes and ordering costs no doubt.)

Finally... and this is an aside, there is also "" which is not related to or Ritz Camera but is a (legitimate) seperate company in Phoenix, AZ and sells used camera collectables, and where I will probably spend more money. I do recommend these guys as they seem to know their stuff and have some good deals on used equipment.

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