Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Peter Lumpkins doesn't know who he's responding to.

Peter Lumpkins has responded (sort of) to Jame White's recent Dividing Line episode where he did a quick review of Lumpkins booklet against Calvinism. The problem is, Lumpkins' quote of White is of White quoting Al Mohler. Nearly 99% of the quote is actually Al Mohler's own words.

Lumpkins writes:
Not only did James White twice slanderously implicate Adam Harwood in defending a Pelagian understanding of fallen human nature, White grossly attributed to Harwood the mindless notion that for unity to take place in the Southern Baptist Convention...
But what Lumpkins quoted was James White quoting Mohler. Now, it's true White would agree with Mohler's assessment of Harwood's statements, but accusing White with "slander" while he was quoting Mohler is amusing.

As an aside:  Harwood did in fact uphold a Pelagian understanding of the fall. I verified this asking him through Twitter:

So regardless of Lumpkins' shocked response, Harwood denies imputation of Adam's guilt to his posterity. This is defined even by Wikipedia as: "Pelagianism is the belief that original sin did not taint human nature and that mortal will is still capable of choosing good or evil without special Divine aid..." and "Pelagius did not believe that all humanity was guilty in Adam's sin, but said that Adam had condemned humankind through bad example, and that Christ’s good example offered humanity a path to salvation." So regardless of what Peter Lumpkins thinks, Pastor Harwood is at least Semi-Pelagian, if not fully.

It's evident that Lumpkins' response to White is as vacuous as his book contra Calvinism. While using the word heresy in the title, he never once shows where such a claim was ever made. Talk about slander? In fact the only mention of heresy in the article comes in the last paragraph:
And, for the record, I hope God gives me yet another seven years to stand against the raw, hateful, and theologically slanderous seeds ("You're a heretic!") men like White...
Really, Peter?  When did James White ever call you a heretic?  Now, I may firmly believe that Peter is a heretic, but that's on the basis of his constant lying (such as I've documented here and elsewhere), and his  ongoing support for liars such as Ergun Caner. In fact, notice the number of times the word heretic is used in the comment section of the blog post... where is any of this substantiated?  Also, notice the language used by "drpenn" unapologetically :

Oh for the love of chicken. Is James White ever going to die? I can't believe ANYONE takes what he says seriously. He's still the driveling, sniveling, conniving #@#$5& he always was. Give me a break.

These are the kinds of 'christians' Peter Lumpkins pals around with. Note Lumpkins' defense of that statement when challenged:

To suggest she wished White would literally die is completely presumptuous on your part, Matt. Attempting to make her comment more severe than it actually is does exactly squat toward making your already well-taken point stronger. Drop the nonsense, Matt. You haven't a clue nor does her context demand she meant it to be a literal deathwish...
Since the dictionary definition of "literal" is "Taking words in their usual or most basic sense without metaphor or allegory", it's clear that Diana Penn did in fact wish White dead, and a clear violation of the 6th commandment.

Peter notes in post-script the following:
 Only recently did White remove from his website wording in his bio which made it sound as if he still taught adjunctly at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (GGBTS), wording which I questioned in private correspondence and he subsequently removed.
The fact of the matter is that it was I who removed that wording from the bio, because White did in fact teach there during the 2012 season.  As I wrote:
Apologetics, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, 2003-2004, 2009-2010, 2012
I've provided links to the class schedules as evidence against Peter's claims to the contrary that James White did in fact teach Apologetics at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary during the "2012-2013" season, as I had previously written in the bio. White doesn't have access to his own bio yet, as he doesn't have the software necessary to edit it, so he relies on volunteers like myself to keep it up to date.  But notice that Lumpkins keeps attempting to push this issue, that White doesn't teach at GGBTS, and yet, he has (off and on) since 2003.

So while the US descends into moral anarchy, while the failure of evangelicalism and the relegation of Southern Baptists to pile of irrelevancy in our culture, people like Lumpkins and the John 3:16 Conference speakers will continue to ignorantly revile Calvinism... way to go.


  1. What is a "volunteer employee" as P.Lump calls you in his post update? Interesting term.

    1. Not sure... perhaps when Rich Pierce says jump I say "not just yet"

  2. Anonymous6:48 PM

    " But what Lumpkins quoted was James White quoting Mohler."

    Does it really matter? If you quote someone approvingly its as if you said it yourself. You're trying to pull a Benedict the 16th here! Remember when the now "pope emeritus" quoted some 11th century theologian who said "Whatever is new in Mohammed in only violence" and then later when the Muslims screamed about it he tried to play it off by saying, "well, I was only quoting someone else." Sorry. Not buying it.

    1. Yes, actually it does matter. Lumpkin's beef is with White, no Mohler (per-se) though if you watched a certain video on Youtube, you might think otherwise.