Monday, March 28, 2011

Peter Lumpkins and Paul Owen walk in to a bar... oh, wait...

Guest blogging at Peter Lumpkins' SBC Tomorrow is none other than Penal Substitution-denying, Federal Vision-promoting, formerly-accredited-university-teaching, Dr. Paul Owen.

So not only can you read Lumpkins promoting Mormon Apologist  and Professor at a non-accredited university Gary Novak, the words of mariolatrous Dave Armstrong the Roman Catholic apologist, but now you can also read Paul Owen, blogging at SBC Tomorrow.  Proof that hatred of the truth makes strange bedfellows indeed.

Yes, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" guides Lumpkins' blogging.  I doubt Lumpkins understands what Penal Substitution is much less what is involved in the Federal Vision so as to be discerning about who he allows to blog at his website.. but then again, he allows DrPenn and Craig the foul-mouth Delassio free reign in the comments.

With that I am ... not even going there.

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