Tuesday, October 5, 2010

May 21, 2011

Good resources on Family Radio and Harold Camping's false teaching of the rapture.

 Keep in mind:

1) Harold Camping is not a Bible scholar, he's a layman who thinks too highly of himself. He doesn't know Greek or Hebrew, he's simply an itinerant fellow who used to be Reformed and is now apostate.
2) No amount of numerology, supposedly Biblical or otherwise can predict the end of the world.
3) Harold Camping denies the Biblical doctrines of total depravity and original sin
4) Harold Camping has adopted Modalism/Oneness; a denial of the Trinity stating that Christ is a mere mode of God, not a different person within the Godhead
No comments from Family Radio followers full of unrelated Biblical passages will be allowed. Save your breath. This isn't your forum.

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