Monday, May 31, 2010

Text in a Circle Tutorial for SmukkeArne @ Adobe Forums

SmukkeArne, a user at the Adobe Illustrator Forums asked for a tutorial on how to make text around a circle like the image at left.

Here are the following steps!

Firstly, create a circle in Illustrator. I usually hold down the Shift key when making circles so that their proportions are constrained.

Next Create your first line of text just to the right of the circle. Choose the font etc, before moving on to the next steps.

Add guides to the center point of the circle, this will provide us with a guide to do our text rotation.

Now grab the Rotate tool from the tool box at left.

Select the line of text by holding down the Control Key and clicking on the text.  

Next, holding down the Alt key, click on the center point of the circle. The Rotate dialog box will appear. Select an appropriate amount of rotation angle (I'm using 5%, but for larger circles/smaller type, smaller % will work.)

Remember to use % that will actually work when used around 360%

Click Copy and see a line of text appear above the first, angled 5%.

Use Control-D to duplicate the command, do this all the way around the circle. Your text will then fill the area around the circle. Change your text, delete your circle, and you're done.

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