Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hard Plastic Case for HP Mini NetBook

My company bought me an HP Mini netbook to use in the office etc. Unfortunately I came back from holiday to find it on the floor cracked and the screen broken. The repair cost is nearly the cost of the unit itself (reminder, if you buy something like this, the accidental damage protection is not overkill.) I went looking for a hard case to protect the netbook, only to find that there really weren't any out there that fit the bill. I realize that the point of having a netbook is its small size and portability, but when taking it somewhere, I want some protection for the unit. 

So after doing some searches I found the following Blow Molded Budcase with Foam.
Once I get it I'll let you know how it goes. They have other cases but this one seemed the best fit.

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  1. Thanks - I've been looking for this all night on the net!