Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Incomprehensible, Senseless and Tragic... evolutionary event?

It's being called "incomprehensible", "senseless", and "tragic" by the media and, indeed it is. A recently unemployed father of 5 killed his family and then himself in the LA area. Yet why is this senseless, tragic or incomprehensible at all, given the worldview of both the media and our nation?

What happened, in the vernacular of today's left-leaning, god-hating, atheistic culture is nothing more than self-induced euthanasia, mercy-killing and post-partum abortions. Why should we give a rats-whisker about this family that "chose" to end its existence?

If you argue that the children had no choice in the matter, the fact remains that neither do the thousands of unborn children murdered each day. The children were a matter of inconvenience for the father and/or mother and it should be their "right" to terminate the family. What consistent position is there otherwise?

In the end, since we're all just collections of cells living out our darwinistic evolutionary place in the world, isn't it just natural selection at work that determined that this family would become extinct? Why the outrage? Why the sadness?

To summarize a song which identifies that worldview accurately, "You and me baby are nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do it on Discovery Channel." Nature is red in tooth and claw... why therefore mourn the death of a small family of animals?

If however, we recognize the inherent worth of the human, the fact that they're created in the image of God and therefore represent something greater than mere cells in a dish, we might understand the normal reaction to such crimes. Everyone recognizes this, to some extent, and even the most hardened of hearts feels some sense of the tragedy that occurred here. Since the fall, sin has been the normal path of human nature but God's Law and commands are never far from our minds and we know what occurred was dreadfully wrong.

What consistency therefore is there in the atheistic, god-hating, baby-killing worldview that finds these events "tragic" and yet celebrates the "right for mothers to choose"?

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