Thursday, September 18, 2008

Epson Perfection 1250 & Vista 64 bit

So my upgrade to Vista 64 bit continues. With the issues with Illustrator resolved my next task was to install my Epson Perfection 1250 scanner. This legacy unit was purchased while I was working elsewhere, when I returned I found this ok scanner here. I've used it mostly for document scanning.

So, went looking for Vista 64 bit software for it and there were no Epson drivers for Vista 64 bit (yes, there are some for 32 bit, but none for 64 bit.) After some digging around, most blogs and forums stated that there was no way this scanner could work with Vista 64 bit.

I then happened upon this forum and saw a link for Hamrick Software's VueScan software. While I really don't want to pay for software to make my scanner work with Vista 64 bit, I thought I'd check it out.

While it does not seem to interface directly with Photoshop (in that it doesn't open when you try to scan from Photoshop) it does toss the scanned images into the application. Scan quality looks good.

So, it seems I'll be able to use my scanner in Vista 64 after all... for $35.


  1. Can you post here how you used VueScan to get your scanner to work on 64bit?

    I have the same problem that you do on the exact same scanner and VueScan cannot detect my scanner due to no drivers.

  2. Can you post how you got the Epson 1250 to work using VueScan? I can't get it to work because VueScan won't detect my scanner still and I'm having the exact same issue as you are. Thanks!

  3. Make sure you get rid of all the epson drivers. And try again. Email me if u need help, I'll see how our setups compare.

  4. I couldn't email you because I don't know your email and blogger uses for its email address.

    I didn't do anything special, I just went though with a regular setup for the program. I checked Programs and Features and didn't find any Epson drivers installed so I guess I'm clean (unless there's a specific place that I should be looking at).

    email me back at at Thanks.

  5. Does Windows find your scanner (and not install the drivers) when you plug it into USB? Make sure that you simply tell Windows to ignore the fact that it can't find drivers and install Vuescan. Then after installing Vuescan, I believe it goes looking for the scanner. Let me know what happens.

  6. Try Linux, it works great with XSane software which is available in Mandriva, for example.
    Give a chance to Linux World!

  7. Sorry, too busy to try some half-cooked open source OS that may or may not work requiring intimate knowledge of arcane shell commands. I left that behind in high school. MacOS though... that's a winner.

  8. thank you very much for providing this information. vuescan works fine with vista64 for me. you kept me from buying a new scanner...