Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pot/Kettle Part II

You may have thought you were doing the "right" thing, the "good" thing, but I assure you that you are wrong. You asked my opinion, I gave it. You asked other's opinions and heard the same advice. "Leave it alone." But now you've gone and contacted this family's church with your supposed concerns and you've thrown them into unnecessary turmoil.

No one hurt you, no one attacked you. No one forced you visit the family's websites and view their writings or their artwork. You were even warned, several times, that you might not like the material you found there, and were asked not to look at it if you felt it might be objectionable. Now you've gone and applied your moral standard, your own self-righteousness to what you saw. Offended you just had to tell someone how bad it all was.

We told you, several of us, to back off, stop, leave it alone, do not move forward with your concerns. We told you that this family was the most consistent, loving, kind, and Christ-like folks we know, even though their Christian freedom took on forms you might not be comfortable with. We reminded you of the years of labor on the apologetics front these folks engaged in, and that firstly you might discuss with them your concerns, but above all drop the issue.

Now you've gone so far as to contact the elders of this family's church over what you perceived as sin. Not even perceived sin against you, but just something you found objectionable. What is most amazing is that you don't really even know these people! They're not in your church, they're not in your life truly. They're just names on a computer screen and you don't like what they do.

So now you have violated Scripture in your actions. You have directly gone against the teaching of the New Testament which clearly outlines what to do when you have been sinned against. Not only were you personally not sinned against, but you didn't even follow the teachings of Scripture in your actions.

We loved you, trusted your and considered you sister in the faith. When I met you in person it was a wonderful time, and I was happy to get to know you... but this is beyond reproach.
You have acted sinfully and shamefully, and I have been hurt by initially standing up for you.

Please repent, and seek to mend the division you have wrought in the body of Christ. Do not sow such discord among believers and find useful things to do in your own life, things to pay attention to, rather than hunting out supposed sin in others.

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