Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ergun Caner's LaffOlympics

Ergun Caner got wiff of Sacred Sandwich's spoof of his foolishness and decided to retort.

The problem is, Sacred Sandwich's spoof is based on the man's own words, whereas his is based on strawman argumentation, again proving that Arminians simply cannot objectively deal with their opponents claims nor Scripture itself.

Thus, Caner's spoof is nothing more than the theological equivelent of the old grade school quip "I know you are but what am I?"

Ergun Caner remains a dishonest man who's teaching is contrary to the word of God.


  1. LOL

    Never mind the fact that Dr. Caner got Dr. White's name wrong -- it is James R. White, not James A. White. :)


  2. I was wondering if that was just part of some satirical remark... but I couldn't see anything funny in it. Now a "chatty cathy caner doll" is something funny indeed.

  3. He has some huge radongas!

  4. Anonymous7:37 PM

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  5. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Yeah I've met Ergun Caner before and I completely agree.