Thursday, April 29, 2004


I may be taking over the administration of Reaching the World for Christ... my good friend and blessed sister in the Lord, Julie, is stepping down from administrating it for various reasons. My wife has expressed some misgivings about it, concerned about my already tight schedule and desire to play endless video games in the evening.

I believe the RTWFC has been a wonderful outlet for ministry and my interest in things spiritual. The ongoing debate regarding Total Depravity has caused me to seriously study what I believe and why I believe it. I'm very thankful for that opportunity, and hope that site can continue in the future to do the same for others.

... More stuff ...
I'm meeting with a pastor of our church on saturday. (We have 4 pastors, being an independent baptist church.) This was the pastor who I had words a few months back regarding a member's presentation to presidents of bible study classes (a position of which I'd been asked to temporarily fill) and this member's claim that "we don't need more Bible facts, we need to apply those we've already learned, less Bible facts and more application." I, improperly, dressed the fellow down regarding that statement and I've apologized for that.

There is however there is no way of teaching Bible application without teaching the facts therein as well. The problem in the church today is not that there is too much Bible teaching going on! It is a denial of the power of God's Word and perhaps a miscatagorization of all of Scripture to a status of basic law.)

That said, I'm meeting with the pastor on Saturday, we're going to study some Scripture together... our communication has changed a lot since that tense standoff weeks ago. I hope to truly get to know him and together perhaps grow in knowledge of the Lord. I gave him some tickets to a baseball game, I got them as a result of my employment, and we got to talk a bit when he picked them up.

Please pray that our study on Saturday is fruitfull and that I have clear guidance in what to do regarding RTWFC.

... last stuff ...
I wrote an opus against paedobaptism last week and my browser crashed when I attempted to post it. (A sign? ;)) I hope to recreate it and post it later.

UPDATE: RTWFC is closed.

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